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Big Data and Data Science

Complex systems research, data science and the processing of large amounts of data are key challenges facing the applied research sector in the field of information and communication technology. They were therefore the focus of this year’s annual meeting of RSA FG with 70 attendees (employees, members of the Advisory Board and speakers).

Project of the Month: EDLAH

European Commission awards Microlearning project of RSA FG.

The EDLAH service is based on individual empowerment, motivation and user engagement. It is this user interaction, empowerment and motivation that are the keys to disease prevention and management, lifestyle and diet management; leading to an improvement in daily life and long-term health.

Best Paper Award for "The Case for the Web of Needs"!

The Research Studio SAT is proud to have won the Best Paper Award at this year's 16th IEEE Conference on Business Informatics in Geneva.

Edumotion offers new mobile learning opportunities

In museums, iPod and iPad apps have already widely replaced the classic audio guides. The international research project Edumotion, successfully concluded in June, demonstrates how mobile, location-based services can be used in teaching/learning scenarios.

EU Project MORECO successfully concluded!

Research Studio iSPACE – creative and reliable partner in international projects

Mobility and housing costs at a click – successful conclusion of the EU project MORECO.

Settlement and household calculators as innovative and practical research outputs.

Free Webinar with Peter Baumgartner: MicroLearning: with MICRO steps to sustainable LEARNING success

Increasing expectations at the workplace and the growing demand for new knowledge are defining characteristics of 21st century society. The need for employee training in all professional sectors and industries is on the rise while timely resources for educational in-house programs are becoming more limited.

MicroLearning technology from Salzburg supports administrative reforms in Macedonia

More than 3,000 active civil servants and administrative employees from 60 governmental and administrative units in Macedonia use the e-learning software “KnowledgePulse” for their further training.

Preparing for exams. KnowledgePulse goes China

Sino MicroLearning Education and Technology  to offer MicroLearning and KnowledgePulse to prepare for entrance exams.


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