Together with the company ChabaDoo GmbH, the Mobile Knowledge Lab is developing a solution approach that is reshaping learning in schools.

The aim of the project is to develop an integrative overall solution that supports all stakeholders (teachers, authors, students) in organizing and imparting education in a contemporary manner. The learning content is prepared in such a way that learning is as structured as possible. At the same time, the effort required to compile the material is kept low for teachers and institutes.

The Mobile Knowledge Lab thus enables individualized learning for all subjects, school types and across all media for the first time. The entire learning process is rethought from the perspective of the learner. For this purpose, dynamic learning tracks are generated, which are tailored to the situation of the user. Despite this dynamism, the learning tracks follow didactic concepts. These are enriched with data from actual usage behavior, so-called data traces. In this way, theoretical learning concepts can be continuously adapted to learning needs.

The figure shows learning honeycombs arranged in the structure of a double diamond. A learning honeycomb is a ready modulated lesson consisting of five to six learning activities. Learning can be highly customized along different paths in this structure. However, certain learning honeycombs, so-called checkpoints, must be completed in a mandatory manner.

At the end of the project, an adaptive learning system will be available that covers the entire teaching process: from content creation, including review and quality management of the teaching materials, to data storage, data structuring, and finally individual teaching and learning based on metadata-based technology.