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Smart Applications Technologies

Research Studio SAT is working on personalized recommendation systems
for machine learning and natural language processing.

Research Studio SAT is working on personalized recommendation systems
for machine learning and natural language processing.


Smart Applications & Web of Needs

The Research Studio Smart Applications Technologies in Vienna is scientifically managed by Ao. Prof. Dr. Christian Huemer and operationally by DI Florian Kleedorfer. It is one of six Research Studios of the RSA FG.

Smart Applications Technologies – SAT works on personalized recommendation systems as well as Machine Learning & Natural Language Processing applications.

Current research in the Research Studio SAT focuses on the needs of all market participants under the theme “Web of Needs”. The goal is to create an open system in which offers and needs are published as equal objects and automatic matching services find the appropriate counterpart. In this way, even for more complex and interdependent needs – such as a flight and hotel for a vacation – suitable solutions are to be found largely automatically.

The focus is entirely on the needs of the customers. We enable them to express these in a machine-processable way and provide the infrastructure to guide them automatically to the available offers.

By developing intuitive profiling and personalization tools, the Research Studio SAT provides target-oriented support to companies and users alike, working with them to develop approaches, tools and concepts for personalizing individual online activities. Methods of psychological usability and interaction design ensure that the content really reaches the users.

SMEs and start-ups trust the competence and experience of the team of experts at Research Studio SAT and use this partnership to increase their innovation potential. Companies such as Ericsson, VeriSign, Wikifolio, Diagnosia, iJoule, the travel portal Tripwolf, the film portal Flimmit and many more are among its customers.


wedding click 2

IS Hochzeitsklick II

Wedding click II makes it possible to provide the user already now to provide good recommendations of services and train the collaborative filtering approach.



Spoco wants spontaneous cooperation between people with common interests and reduce the attention required for this to a minimum.



Ao. Univ.Prof. Mag. Dr. Christian Huemer
Ao. Univ.Prof. Mag. Dr. Christian HuemerScientific Studio Director
DI. Florian Kleedorfer
DI. Florian KleedorferOperative Studio Director
Maximilian Stolze, BSc
Maximilian Stolze, BScJunior Researcher
Fabian Suda, BSc
Fabian Suda, BScResearcher
Clemens Jurkowitsch
Clemens JurkowitschSenior Researcher
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