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Smart Digital Industries & Services

The studio, based in Lower Austria, is engaged in the development of digital technologies and innovations to optimize industrial production and services and make them more sustainable.

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The studio is engaged in the development of digital technologies and innovations to optimize industrial production and services and make them more sustainable.

What we are working on and what we can offer:

Industry 5.0

  • Learning algorithms for predicting maintenance requirements
  • Optimization of production processes
  • Reduce downtime and increase productivity

Internet of Things

  • The networking of machines and devices makes it possible to collect and use data in real time
  • The data is used to optimize processes and improve efficiency


  • Processing and analysis of data directly at the source
  • Latency is reduced and efficiency is increased
  • Edge computing to analyze data in real time: faster decisions can be made and productivity increased

The goal of the Smart Digital Industries & Services (SDIS) research studio in St. Pölten, Lower Austria, is to develop innovative solutions – in line with Industry 4.0 and 5.0 – to derive maximum benefit from digitization. The multidisciplinary team is engaged in research and transfer of technologies, methods and practices to support industrial and commercial production. In addition, it provides digital services that generate or increase connectivity and transfer between subject areas.

Specific research topics include Industry 4.0/5.0 (human-in-the-loop, connectivity, cyber physical systems, Internet of Things) or the transfer of smart and digital technologies between agriculture, food technology and production, or the circular economy. The research findings of this studio also serve as an infrastructural basis for other studios, such as Data Science.

Dr. Stefan Gindl is responsible for the operational management.




The aim of "Empowering Pilots via Adaptive Competency-based Training" is to develop training towards competence-based training and assessment (CBTA).


SpotOn MozART

The SpotON MozART project with the Mozarteum University Salzburg combined art and technology to great public effect.


Cultural Hotspots 2024

Details Runtime: May 2024-31. December 2024 Projekt lead In order to improve the transfer of culture and knowledge in the field of classical music to new target groups, the project is researching an approach to optimize the interactive and immersive experience of pieces of music. In “Cultural Hotspots 2024”, pieces [...]


Musical Anamnesis

Automated Musical anamnesis aims to offer a personalized, socio-medical and AI-supported intervention for people with dementia.

Das Projekt PRIMA unterstützt die Planung von Bedarfsverkehr


Planning principles for integrated mobility services in on-demand transport specific to spatial types


Eneregio SOBOS

Application Details Runtime: Septmeber 1st,  2022 - August 31st, 2024 Our Expertise: Data Analytics Geoinformatics Spatial Data Visualization Studio: iSPACE SMART ENERGY BALANCES Partners: Eliciting, Analyzing and Using Geothermal Potential Locally Global and national climate protection requirements demand a rapid phase-out of oil and natural [...]


Policy Lab

The project is intended to help accelerate the change towards a sustainable mobility system and climate neutrality.


Micro Courses

Prototype Details Prototype: Micro Courses: SoML Learn Feature Researcher: Fabian Dopler / Lisa Schneckenreiter / Daniela Duh Expertise: App Development / AI / Software Design Studio: MoKnowLab Micro Courses SoML Learn Feature Background In the course of the Erasmus Tactile Books project, a new way of learning [...]


Event Matching

Prototype Details Prototype: Event matching: linking culture-related events from website data to learning content Researchers: Bernhard Göschlberger /Fabian Dopler Expertise: Data Analytics / App Development Studio: Data Science / MoKnowLab Event Matching Linking culture-related events from website data with learning content Background The company Hublz GmbH develops [...]


Embeddable Micro Quizzes

Prototype Details Prototype: Embeddable Mircro Quizzes: SoML Map Type for Public, Embeddable Quizzes. Researchers: Bernhard Göschlberger /Fabian Dopler Expertise: Data Analytics / App Development Studio: MoKnowLab Embeddable Micro Quizzes SoML Map Type for Public, Embeddable Quizzes Background In the course of the project: ALeS, both a website [...]


Easier planning for teachers thanks to Teachino and SDIS-project

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Teachino supports teachers with organising their lessons via an app. A project by the RSA FG's SDIS studio aims to adapt the language model of the Teachino app so that it is an even bigger help in planning lessons.

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Michael Boch, MSc
Michael Boch, MSc
Rafael Kupsa, MSc
Rafael Kupsa, MSc
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Dr. Stefan Gindl
Dr. Stefan Gindl
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Dr. Belal Abu Naim
Dr. Belal Abu Naim
Senior Researcher
Yasin Ghafourian, MSc
Yasin Ghafourian, MSc
Christian Hirsch, MSc
Christian Hirsch, MSc
Prof. Dr. Markus Tauber
Prof. Dr. Markus Tauber
Wissenschaftliche Leitung
Mojtaba Zahedi Amiri, MSc
Mojtaba Zahedi Amiri, MSc
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Sara Steiner
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