Yasin Ghafourian, MSc.


Yasin is a PhD researcher at the RSA FG and his main research focus is on relevance models based on knowledge delta. He has attained his Bachelor’s degree in computer software engineering in 2016  from Kharazmi University in Tehran and his Master’s degree in 2019 from The University of Tehran in Iran. He also has one year of experience working as data/business analyst for an Iranian Online Travel Agency. Concerning his research in the information retrieval field, he has examined improving question retrieval algorithms in community-based question answering systems and thus has experienced working with relevance models, expansion algorithms, word-embedding based models and Artificial deep neural networks.


  • 2020-2023 | PhD Information Systems, Technical University Vienna
  • 2016-2019 | Msc Computer Software Engineering, University of Tehran
  • 2012-2016 | BSc Computer Software Engineering, Kharazmi University


Data Analysis
Information Retrival
Artificial Intelligence

What I am working on



The DoSSIER project explains the different information needs of companies and provides basic insights into their understanding.

My Publications