The media response before the conference “Dealing with Big Data” on 18.09

The countdown is running to the big conference “Dealing with Big Data” on Wednesday, 18.09.2019 from 13:30 in the BMVIT festival hall in Vienna. Secure your free ticket now!

The conference is the highlight and conclusion of the three-year research project “Data Market Austria”.

At you can already get an idea of how a block chain-based (see also picture) data market with Smart Contracts works.

Read the first media echo in the run-up to the conference here:

Die Presse 14.09.2019 (Print und Online)

Der STANDART 11.09.2019 (Print)

Forschungsprojekt schafft neuen Daten-Marktplatz im Internet mit Blockchain-Technologie und Smart Contracts

IT-I-KO 10.09.2019 (Online)

… with Blockchain-technology und smart contracts

BRANDAKTUELL 10.09.2019 (Online)