With numerous participants from the FH St. Pölten, the Danube University Krems, the TU Vienna, the Niederösterreich Nachrichten, the Austria Presse Agentur and various software companies and start-ups such as AICO, Ecoplus, Mesonic, ACP and OpenGlam, a workshop conference of the “Data Intelligence Offensive (DIO)” took place yesterday, 03.10.2019 in St. Pölten.

Marlies Temper, head of the Data Science and Business Analytics course at the University of Applied Sciences St. Pölten, Thomas J. Lampoltshammer from the Department of E-Governance at the Danube University Krems as well as Peter A. Bruck, Allan Hanbury and Bernhard Göschlberger for the BMVIT lead project “Data Market Austria” and the “Data Intelligence Offensive” resulting from it provided input for the lectures.

Smarter prices through data circles

“A highly interesting topic of the event was how ‘Data Market Austria’ can provide data sets to students of data science and start-ups so that they can be exchanged cleanly and securely within the correct legal and technical framework”, said Bernhard Göschlberger, researcher and deputy studio manager of the Research Studio Data Science of the RSA FG.

For example, the following example was discussed in the discussion group “Data Value”: A data set from a local hotel industry could lead to hoteliers being able to better respond to supply and demand with their prices. After all, a smart system would always know and report in advance when there will be booking peaks, i.e. when demand will be particularly high. This depends on holiday periods, weather data, leisure time alternatives elsewhere, local events etc: A typical Big Data application. The trick is that such a data pool guarantees the data sovereignty of each participating hotelier and the data can also technically remain with the hotelier. Not only would the entrepreneurs be able to react better with their prices, but they would also be able to better manage their personnel and resources.

Further topics of the workshop conference were Smart Contracts, i.e. a program that is executed distributed on a block chain, data use licenses, metadata standards and many more.