TRUSTS project Kicks Off

On 23rd January, the Horizon 2020 TRUSTS project kicked-off in Hannover, Germany. The goal of TRUSTS is to set up a fully operational and GDPR-compliant European data marketplace for personal related data and non-personal related by leveraging existing data marketplaces, such as International Data Spaces and Data Market Austria, and enriching them with new functionalities and services.

To achieve this, the project gathers 17 partners from 9 countries to form a consortium with a broad range of skills including, among others, experts in data marketplaces, business models, anonymisation, and multi-party computation. The objective of the meeting was to start working together and plan the work that is to be done in the next three years of the project.

RSA FG is responsible for the development of interoperability solutions enabling the communication across data marketplaces, and providing tools and guidelines to raise the data owner’s awareness on the dangers of de-anonymisation and help them select suitable anonymisation measures.