With IMMERSE XR, the Research Studio Pervasive Computing Applications of the RSA FG enables the reproduction of images with a spatial sensation of depth, which is physically not present – a so-called stereoscopic representation.

In recent months, the use of virtual and remote technologies has been necessary: the demand for XR solutions has increased sharply and also expanded into new use cases and industries. Moreover, it became obvious that a simple and non-proprietary method was needed to provide stereoscopic rendering compatible with rendering engines such as Unity, so that the community could develop a variety of XR solutions for their customers.

The Research Studios PCA has developed a new, user-friendly plugin that is ready to be used by the user to automatically generate stereoscopic renderings from a generic 3D environment that can be passed on to any compatible XR system..

With the new plugin Research Studio PCA provides a new technology, especially for micro and small companies, paving the way for the production of fully stereoscopic content for all industries, from industrial solutions to consumer goods.

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This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme through the XR4ALL project with grant agreement No 825545