Congratulations to Ingrid Schardinger!

After several awards (AGIT Student Paper Award, AGEO-Award for her diploma thesis) Ingrid Schardinger has now completed her doctoral studies in Applied Geoinformatics at the Interdepartmental Faculty for Geoinformatics – Z_GIS at the University of Salzburg.

In the context of her dissertation “Spatial Modelling and Optimisation of Regional Energy Systems” she developed an analysis tool designed for regional, rural energy systems. Using methods of geoinformatics, she identifies regional conditions, such as potentials of renewable energy sources, heat demand etc. Innovative is the holistic approach of the dissertation, which includes other factors besides the electricity and heat sector, especially mobility also in rural areas.

Ingrid Schardinger’s research was supported by a scholarship of the “Friedrich Schiedel Stiftung für Energietechnik Wien” and by the possibility of her participation in various projects in the research studio iSPACE.

“The research studio iSPACE offered me excellent conditions, so that I could concentrate intensively on my dissertation. The creative environment and the scientific expertise motivated me and contributed significantly to the success of my work,” says Ingrid Schardinger.

“Such an energy system optimization for rural areas, taking into account competing uses and including mobility, does not exist anywhere else in this form. The empirical studies for the three districts of Feldbach, Tamsweg and Wels-Land, as well as the most detailed studies for a test community in Upper Austria, right down to the commuting behaviour of individual persons, show astonishing results, e.g. that even in rural areas, electromobility and locally generated energy will be part of the energy system in a few years’ time”, says Prof. Blaschke, head of the Research Studio and main supervisor of the work.

The Research Studio iSPACE and the Research Studios Austria Forschungsgesellschaft congratulate!