Great rush at this year’s AGIT trade fair.

This year’s AGIT conference (6 to 8 July) was a great success for RSA iSPACE. RSA iSPACE’s video on “Seamless transition from outdoor/indoor positioning in 3D” was shown at the keynote. The video shows new research approaches and first results from the studio iSPACE for the context of virtual-real-world-linking (VRWL – also available online at VRWL (external link)). In addition, the opportunity to explore the Faculty of Science as a 3D minecraft world with Samsung Gear VR glasses attracted a large number of visitors to the iSPACE booth.

The following symposium presentations aroused particular interest:

  • “3D Enterprise Geodata Infrastructures – Basis for Transparent, Context-Based Information Provision in Indoor/Outdoor Applications” (Mittlböck M.)
  • “Quality assured representation of hydrographic measurement data in OGC SOS 2.0” (Vockner B.)
  • “Participatory spatial planning approaches with 3D information inventories” (Vockner B.)
  • “Online Visualization of Streaming Data” (Atzl C.)
  • “Indoor Positioning – Chances and implementation strategies of Bluetooth Low Energy” (Feil C.)
  • “MobilityOptimizer – demand-oriented public transport planning with user feedback” (autumn p.)

Linking Virtual and Real Worlds