With anonymized data from Statistik Austria, mobile network operators and floating car data, the Research Studio iSPACE of the RSA FG has succeeded for the first time in measuring commuter flows in the province of Salzburg with an accuracy of 250 meters. The “absolute pioneer project” was presented last week simultaneously at the Salzburg Transport Association – SVV and at the Austrian Spatial Planning Conference – ÖROK AG I.

In an interview in the “Kronen Zeitung” of 29.11.2019, Thomas Prinz, head of the Research Studio iSPACE – Smart Settlement Systems, points out that software with such an accuracy is not yet available in other federal states. The Federal Ministry of Transport, Innovation and Technology – BMVIT has also already shown interest in a possible all-Austrian solution.

How does the commuter flow analysis work? Statistik Austria records the place of residence and workplace of commuters. These data are the most important sources of the commuter flow analysis. In addition, mobile phone data purchased from a leading provider in Austria are used. In the future, these will also be used to measure leisure traffic. Finally, there is “Floating Car Data” – cars as mobile measuring sensors. Interestingly, traffic monitoring images and automatic traffic counts are not used.

Facsimile of the print edition of the Kronen Zeitung by courtesy of the chief editor