Attentive ICT

Attention-Aware ICT represents a technological approach in which ICT systems are equipped with an understanding of user behaviour and status.

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Attention Aware ICT

From 2017 till 2018

What consumes information is obvious: it consumes the attention of its recipients”. [Simon71]. The design of the first PC systems was legitimately based on one computer per person systems. But even with the dramatic increase in available information, channels and devices, this basic interaction paradigm has not adapted. Still, the now ubiquitous devices demand our complete attention, regardless of whether the information offered is needed, desired or relevant. This surplus of information leads to social and economic problems that must be addressed with a different approach, with the user in the foreground, with the focus on a respectful use of the most important human processing resource, his attention.

“Attention-Aware ICT” represents such a technological approach, in which ICT systems are equipped with an understanding of user behaviour and status and thus enable intuitive, actually sensitive interaction. The research question derived from this is: How can human attention be captured based on sensory data?  This project deals with the first step of sensory acquisition of human attention by analyzing physical indicators. This requires the following approach:

  • Interdisciplinary research in the field of cognitive sciences in the area of attention mechanisms and especially physical, observable representation of attention
  • Selection and prototypical implementation of suitable indicator-sensor combinations to evaluate the reliability and applicability of the sensory solutions
  • Development of suitable measurement processes and data preparation
  • Evaluation of the suitability of indicators and sensors as input for interactive computer systems

The intended outcome of this project is the development of a qualitative list of attention indicators, including an assessment of their reliability and suitability, in combination with recommendations, guidelines and environmental parameters for the sensory acquisition of these attention data.

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