Source Monitoring BDGL

The aim of the Source Monitoring BDGL project is to revise the existing data model from the Source Action Programme on the basis of new requirements.

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Application details

Berchtesgaden National Park

09.2018‐ 11.2019

The aim of the project is the revision of the existing data model from the
Action Programme Sources on the basis of the new requirements of multiple intake per
Location. For this purpose, the workflow is also being redesigned and integrated into an Access
Database prototyped. This includes the conception of the following technical and
content interfaces:

  • Revision of the data model, taking into account the
    Multiple recording or versioning of data
  • Interfaces to software of data loggers and other software (data imports
    from other systems)
  • The data model should be prepared in such a way that it can be integrated into the existing
    Oracle database of the national park administration can be integrated

The research team

Dr. Manfred Mittlböck
Dr. Manfred Mittlböck
Studio manager iSPACE 2
Ing. Caroline Atzl, MSc
Ing. Caroline Atzl, MSc


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