Potential of renewable energies in Salzburg!

The Research Studio iSPACE and the Öko Strombörse Salzburg, as project partners, contribute expertise from Salzburg to the Central Europe program “Cities on Power”: iSPACE develops an IT toolbox that enables every citizen to conduct an individual analysis of the situation in their own home. Markus Biberacher from Studio iSPACE explains:

“The web-based toolbox is intended to provide people with an instrument that encourages them to take the initiative in terms of sustainable energy supply. Interested citizens will receive answers to the following questions: Where on my roof does a solar system bring me what benefits? What does a heat pump do for me? What costs do I have? When does such a system pay off?”

The Öko Strombörse presents citizen participation models within the INTERREG project. Heidi Rest-Hinterseer explains: “We are primarily concerned with providing information and answering questions such as: Who can operate renewable energy plants, who can participate? Which hurdles of the financial market supervision have to be overcome and does it pay off at all?

According to Biberacher, the declared goal is “to push for the implementation of the IT toolbox for the city of Salzburg as well. A corresponding data basis for this is already available in Salzburg, for example via the solar register in SAGIS.

An exemplary evaluation for the black park school (photomontage: screenshot from SAGIS) illustrates the benefits. And Markus Biberacher explains why: “An annual power requirement of about 94 MWh is compared to a possible photovoltaic system installation of 55 kW. This would allow a balancing power requirement coverage of approx. 46% over the year. In fact, up to 39% of the electricity demand could be covered by self-produced solar electricity, while the remaining solar electricity – if there is no possibility of storage – would have to be fed into the grid. This would save a total of 3.8 tons of CO2 per year”.

The document for the press breakfast on 27.3.2013 can be found HIER.