Residential Housing- Webtool presents

The interactive web tool for the sustainability checklist for Salzburg’s residential construction, which was developed by the iSPACE research studio, was presented to the public on April 20.

The developers of the iSPACE research studio in Salzburg have enriched the sustainability checklist for municipal housing of the city of Salzburg with a significant element through the web tool.

With the web tool for the housing checklist of the city of Salzburg you can easily and quickly determine the location quality of your living environment. By means of a colour grid, you can quickly gain an overview. By clicking on a location or entering your address, you will receive an evaluation of the location according to the sustainability criteria for Salzburg housing.

Select your preferred residential area according to your specific needs: social infrastructure, open space infrastructure, local transport, local supply and external environmental influences.

The application originates from a cooperation between the research studio iSPACE and the city of Salzburg on topics of future-oriented urban planning. Planning faces the challenge of taking ecological, social and economic aspects into account equally in the planning process. The aim of planning is to align future residential developments more closely with existing infrastructural structures that influence the quality of living. An essential aspect of this is the optimal use of existing infrastructure and the early recognition of supply deficits. Infrastructure planning has to ensure that the demands for economic efficiency and an adequate quality of supply are met.