The RSA FG is aimed at proven, entrepreneurial researchers with leadership experience and a track record in digital research and innovation at universities or scientific institutions (TRO).

After more than two decades of successful management by Prof. Peter A. Bruck, the management will be separated into a commercial and a scientific one as of April 2021. The scientific management is advertised internationally in Germany, Switzerland and Austria.

The scientific managing director is to strengthen the Research Studios in the area of Digital Intelligence through new competencies and perspectives. Further criteria are a high level of commitment, social competence and entrepreneurial assertiveness for the design of a future-oriented, strategic and operational development of the Research Studios.

Prof. Peter A. Bruck will continue to work on the owner’s side to support every employee in and every research studio.

The goal is to win the new scientific management for April 1, 2021. The call for applications published since last Friday is widely advertised and can also be found on our website. We are looking forward to hearing from you.

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