Research Studio iSPACE leads with webinar series aWHEREness:lab: WHERE and HOW are my assets? deeper into 4D-Geo-Intelligence to support the digital transformation with geoinformation

For the industry, digitization offers solutions for a variety of challenges. The creation of digital images of the physical environment allows the localization of assets from logistics and production. Spatio-temporal changes are also recorded with 4D maps. This 4D-Geo-Intelligence brings an enormous increase in efficiency and precise control of industrial processes.

With „aWHEREness:lab“, the Research Studio iSPACE is developing the 4D-Geo-Intelligence focus at the company partners PALFINGER, Liebherr, COPA-DATA and Mayr-Melnhof and is trying to develop a 4D-Geo-Intelligence solution with the most modern geoinformatics tools and applications such as …

  • Creation of digital images of the physical environment for Augmented/Virtual Reality
  • Localization of assets from logistics and production
  • Support of the comprehensive use of machine data through the application of international standards and norms of the different application areas

… to fulfil very different and yet comparable wishes of the participating companies.

However, the large amount of (measurement) data and information generated often cannot be used profitably/across companies. Interruptions in the flow of information and data or system breaks hinder the exchange and evaluation. Different systems, incompatible data models and different contextualizations mean that digital assets are currently hardly able to develop their value-added potential.

From June 18th, the Research Studio iSPACE will present in its multi-part webinar series your approach of aWHEREness:lab to position large amounts of data in space and time already at the time of creation and organization and thus to enable a corresponding context for comprehensive utilization.

We look forward to your participation in the free webinar!

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