How can data be exchanged and used securely and efficiently? This was the subject of the international Safe-DEED project, in which the RSA FG was involved via the Research Studio Data Science. The successful completion of the project will be celebrated in an online event on December 2.

More and more companies and institutions are collecting more and more data from us – privacy and trust are therefore of utmost importance in the debate about data sharing. Privacy-enhancing technologies (PETs) will therefore continue to play a central role in the future.

Some of these technologies were explored by the Safe-DEED (Safe Data-Enabled Economic Development) project, which focused on improving security technologies, enhancing trust, and disseminating privacy-enhancing technologies. In doing so, the project brought together international partners from the fields of cryptography, data science, business innovation, and law; RSA FG was represented through the Research Studio Data Science.

The goal of the project was not only to push for secure data sharing, but also to provide an economic perspective to keep pace with global macro trends in the data economy and enable fastest possible growth. Since many large enterprises do not have a data valuation process themselves, Safe-DEED provides a set of tools to facilitate data value assessment, motivating data owners to use the scalable cryptographic protocols developed in Safe-DEED to create value for their business and their customers.

A successful conclusion

After three years of work, the Safe-DEED project is now coming to a successful close. The closing event will take place online on Thursday, December 2, from 9:00 am to 5:30 pm.

The event will highlight the latest legal, technical and ethical challenges related to the data market. The morning session will focus attention on the legal framework of the data economy ecosystem, the Data Governance Act, the data ownership debate, and ELI/ALI principles. An afternoon session will discuss lessons learned from extensive Safe-DEED research on improving security technologies, trust, and the proliferation of privacy-enhancing technologies in data marketplaces. Stefan Gindl of the Research Studio Data Science will deliver the event’s closing remarks.

All further information about the event can be found here.