Successful project start

Multi-storey urban housing estates in open construction, which were built in the 30-80s all over Europe, contain many potentials for improvement and redensification, which are often not used. Problems are the insufficient energy standard, the noise and pollution caused by increasing traffic, the demographic aging of the settlement, the necessary adaptation to today’s residents’ needs, as well as the coverage of future housing needs such as barrier-free housing.

The overall aim of the project is to combine technical and social innovations and thus create added value. For this purpose, the City of Hallein selected two demonstration buildings of the Burgfriedsiedlung with approx. 45 residential units. These apartments from the 1940s now have balconies and an outside lift, and barrier-free apartments are also being built under the roof.

The residents will be involved in the project by means of workshops, information evenings, but also perception walks. This is central to the acceptance of the measures to optimize the quality of life for future generations.