Michael Boch, researcher at Research Studios Austria, presented the paper “A systematic review of data management platforms” [3] at the 2022 World Conference on Information Systems and Technologies (WorldCIST’22), which was developed in the context of data market interoperability within TRUSTS.

The paper systematically reviews a set of well-established data management platforms and compares their functionality. Starting point was the paper of [1] which provided a first baseline of criteria with a focus on research data management platforms. The goal was to expand it in order to provide a more general overview of DMPs and, in addition, explore what changed in the years since it was first published. The criteria of [1] were expanded with an additional set of criteria developed in a systematic literature review based on [2].  In several expert rounds the criteria were then validated, adapted and extended with the TRUSTS experts.

The results are an up-to-date criteria catalog to systematically compare DMPs and a systematic comparison of DMPs based on these criteria. The criteria catalog will be made available under an open license to facilitate re-usage by other researchers and establish potential for future collaborations.

The WorldCIST’22 was held between the 12th and 13th of April 2022 in Budva, Montenegro. Due to the pandemic, the conference was held online. The paper was co-authored by Stefan Gindl (RSA), Alan Barnett (Dell), George Margetis (FORTH), Victor Mireles (SWC),  Emmanouil Adamakis (FORTH) and Petr Knoth (Open University).

[1] Amorim, R. C., Castro, J. A., da Silva, J. R., & Ribeiro, C. (2015). A comparative study of platforms for research data management: interoperability, metadata capabilities and integration potential. In New contributions in information systems and technologies (pp. 101-111). Springer

[2] Webster, J., Watson, R.T. (2002). Analyzing the past to prepare for the future: Writing a literature review. MIS Quarterly 26, xiii–xxiii

[3] Boch, Michael; Gindl, Stefan; Barnett, Alan; Margetis, George; Mireles, Victor; Adamakis, Emmanouil and Knoth, Petr (2022). A Systematic Review of Data Management Platforms. In: WorldCIST’22, 12-14 Apr 2022, Budva, Montenegro.