Keynote by Allan Hanbury from the Data Science Studio.

Allan Hanbury, Head of the RSA Studios Data Science (DSc), will give the keynote address on Thursday, 17 March 2016 from 7:30 pm at Haus der Musik in Vienna. Experts will discuss with him.

The topic will be “BIG DATA AFTER THE HYPE: What will the algorithm economy bring?”.

Without intelligent evaluation, the best data is worth nothing. On the contrary: they cost money. Even companies that have simply collected data in advance are now realizing this. That’s why Gartner already sees an “algorithmic economy” emerging that turns data into business assets.

But as more and more machines and algorithms make important decisions, or at least contribute to them, you need to be confident that they are right. This makes a professional framework all the more important: Who sets the rules regarding data quality and data governance? How does smart evaluation succeed and what does it take? Which success stories point the way?

Registration for the event HERE.