A manual as a practical result of the iSPACE project “Urban Green Belts

The three-year EU Interreg project “Urban Green Belts“, in which the Research Studio iSPACE of the RSA FG was one of the project partners, recently ended with a final event in the Hegyvidék district of Budapest. At the final conference, partners from eight Central European countries presented their results, including iSPACE for the city of Salzburg and the surrounding area. Please read the last newsletter of the project. (Download at the end of the article.) The event in Budapest focused in particular on new approaches to ecological urban space design, such as

  • The active participation of city dwellers,
  • Multi-level governance,
  • Interactive city games,
  • Geographical information systems and
  • Environmental psychology.

A practical outcome of the project is now a manual that has been translated into all languages of the project partners (see download link at the end of this article). Further information is also available from the Research Studio iSPACE of the RSA FG.

A further outcome is the content of the presentation “Indicator-based Landscape Assessment Matrix for Defining Land Use Priority Zones in the Salzburg FUA”, which iSPACE employee Günter Gruber held with Johanna Schmitt a few days ago at the DLA 2019 – International Conference on Information Technologies in Landscape Architecture in Dessau, Germany. The publication can be read HERE.

For the Urban Green Belts project partners, it is now a matter of implementing the local roadmaps in the respective municipal framework.

Video of the “Urban Green Belts” final event