Supporting the conceptualization of learning- and motivation-enhancing strategies for digital art and music education by the Mobile Knowledge Lab

In the field of broadly effective art and culture education, location-based e-learning methods represent an innovative approach. Gamificiation approaches can stimulate the motivation for self-directed art and culture education and contribute to the achievement of overall societal educational goals and address a target group beyond the typical group of people.

Hublz develops a location-based application for art and culture education, in the style of a digital scavenger hunt. Users can learn with the app by selecting scavenger hunts, solving puzzles and moving from location to location.


The basic concept is that partner institutions such as cultural institutions, municipalities or federal states have fixed location-based content (i.e. scavenger hunts) created, which is then permanently available. Hublz would like to be able to automatically identify art and cultural events that are advertised on the web, enrich them with necessary information (geolocation, time, organizer, reference to existing scavenger hunts) and classify them in such a way that relevant events can be advertised to specific target groups in the app.

The result of the consultation was the development of a concept and a corresponding step-by-step plan for the next implementation steps. Based on the results of this work, an FFG innovation check could be applied for together with the project partner and MoKnowLab.

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