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Data basis and analysis results of the Spatial Structural Indicators for Grid Tariffs project, which has already been completed on behalf of E-Control.

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Application details

Our competence:

Applied Spatial Indices

iSPACE Smart Settlement Systems


01.03.2018 – 31.12.2019

Update of the data basis and analysis results of the project Spatial
Structural indicators for grid tariffs, which E-Control has commissioned to be published as early as 2013
has been completed for the 2018 benchmarking exercise.

Two work packages will be carried out in the course of the project:

  • 1st check – data update: Based on the study already conducted by iSPACE
    in 2013, the data sets used will be checked for possible available updates
    checked and provided.
  • 2nd update of the evaluation: Based on the data collected in 2013 by iSPACE
    model developed for the mapping of spatial structural indicators will be updated
    undertaken in the analysis

The Research Team

Dr. Markus Biberacher
Dr. Markus Biberacher
Key Researcher
Lukas Götzlich, MSc
Lukas Götzlich, MSc
Fabian Hofsäß, MSc
Fabian Hofsäß, MSc
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