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Research Studio

Secure Digital Intelligence Systems

Research Studio SDIS is pushing the development of Security, Autonomous Management and Cloud and IoT technologies.


More and more industries and processes are being captured by digitalization – and with the increasing spread of “Industry 4.0” and the “Internet of Things”, IT security is also gaining in importance. In order to take more account of this important topic, RSA FG has launched the new Research Studio SDIS – Secure Digital Intelligence Systems.


Dr. Markus Tauber
Dr. Markus TauberScientific Studio Director
DI. Dr. Benedikt Gollan
DI. Dr. Benedikt GollanOperative Studio Director
Dr. Stefan Gindl
Dr. Stefan GindlSenior Researcher
Daniela Duh, BSc
Daniela Duh, BScJunior Researcher
Lisa Schneckenreiter
Lisa SchneckenreiterJunior Researcher


iSPACE and PLUS show how climate-resilient space management can work

The international forum on the anthropocene is an important platform when it comes to sustainable strategies in a world shaped by humans. This year, the forum dedicated itself to the topic of water. iSPACE studio manager and PLUS employee Thomas Prinz traveled to Heiligenblut and presented "Tools for resource-conserving land management with a special focus on green-blue infrastructure".

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