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Generative AI

Smart Digital Industries & Services


Artificial Intelligence in Manufacturing leading to Sustainability and Industry 5.0

AIMS5.0, a collaborative research project, aims to strengthen Europe’s digital sovereignty in comprehensively sustainable manufacturing by introducing, enhancing and implementing AI-enabled hardware and software components and systems throughout the industrial value chain to further increase overall efficiency.

The crisis-proneness of existing supply chains demonstrates the need for shorter supply chains and keeping production in Europe. AI-enabled factories will have higher output and sustainability, making them more competitive on a global scale. New technologies from IoT and based on semantic web ontologies, ML, and AI will help enable the transformation from Industry 4.0 to Industry 5.0, create human-centric working conditions, and enable the transformation of European industry to climate-friendly production. Above all, sustainability and resilience are to be improved.

What AIMS5.0 offers …

  • AI-enabled electronic hardware components & systems for sustainable production
  • AI tools, methods & algorithms for sustainable industrial processes
  • Semantic modeling & data integration for a freely accessible productive sustainability platform
  • Acceptance, trust & ethics for explainable industrial AI leading to human-centered sustainable production

Our research team

Dr. Stefan Gindl
Dr. Stefan Gindl
Operational director
Yasin Ghafourian
Yasin Ghafourian
Mojtaba Zahedi Amiri, MSc
Mojtaba Zahedi Amiri, MSc